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Costa Mesa Community

Heritage Montessori About Our Costa Mesa Community Costa Mesa is a bustling, beachside community with palm tree-lined boulevards, world-class museums, and of course, the great outdoor activities for the whole family. Art lovers will enjoy the Costa Mesa Art Walk, an outdoor stroll that includes inventive sculptures and art installations. With great weather year-round, bikers […]

How to talk to your child about COVID-19

Let’s face it, we’re in the midst of a historic moment in history. The uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic is something we have never experienced. Grocery store shelves are empty and government officials are urging families to stay home to fight against something invisible. Meanwhile, our young children are left to cope with changing routines […]

Screen Time and Child Development

The phrase “screen time” is heard in educators’ and doctors’ offices around the country as screen time for children becomes a hot button issue in our society today. But what are the facts and how can we create a healthy relationship with our screens? Screens and Child Development The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) suggests that […]

Declutter Your Playroom the Montessori Way

Turn your playroom into a Montessori-inspired area free from clutter and full of organization! Order and Child Development As we’ve said many times before, Maria Montessori believed in consistency, organization, and order. The developing child thrives in an environment that is prepared, orderly and organized. The child is free to explore his or her environment […]

Combatting Negative Behaviors Using Montessori

The preschool years are filled with growth, excitement, and let’s not forget…tantrums! A Montessori philosophy to combat negative behaviors can help you get through those less than perfect moments and get your child back on track! Negative Behaviors and Child Development Did you know that negative behaviors are a NORMAL part of child development? Negative […]