Heritage Serving Our Community

One of the greatest achievements in life is to leave a legacy that makes a lasting impact on others. Maria Montessori accomplished this through her work in education and her quest for peace. Montessori schools all over the world are her living legacy and Heritage Montessori School strives to continue the traditions that she set forth many decades ago. Montessori’s philosophy of stewardship is built into everything we do, from our program services to our community service. Today, our greatest achievements come not only from how well our students do in class but from how well they do in life.

The Community

Since the earliest days of Heritage, a tradition of community service has been an integral part of our school’s culture. The needs of children and families are key components of our charitable initiatives. Our connection to the community is very important and we are proud of our HMS Families’ efforts to support causes like Second Harvest Food Bank, Operation Gratitude, American Red Cross, Soles 4 Souls, and the Children’s Research Foundation, just to name a few.

The Environment

Environmental stewardship has been a component of Montessori as far back as the first Casa de Bambini in 1907. Building on this legacy, Heritage Montessori is making concerted efforts to embed environmental stewardship into our classroom curriculum and annual school-wide activities. Events like Earth Day, E-Waste Collection Days, Clean the Beach, and Dimes for Deforestation endeavor to incorporate these important ideals.

Our Workplace

Heritage Montessori is committed to fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful workplace, and we invest in our teachers through a full spectrum of training and development opportunities to encourage success and growth in the field of Montessori. We value our commitment to quality, ethics, and social responsibility and believe that our investment in a top quality workplace is the reason for our superior staff.

Going Forward

As we continue to honor Montessori’s rich tradition of giving back, we also look forward to many more exciting projects in the future. Through this continual growth, Heritage Montessori is doing more than just maintaining Dr. Montessori’s legacy; we are building on it by encouraging our children to understand and celebrate the diversity and cultural beliefs of the families we serve.