What parents are saying

We cannot say enough wonderful things about HMS. Our son has enjoyed 3 wonderful years and will be continuing on as long as they will keep us! The HMS staff truly care about each of their students. We feel blessed everyday to be part of such an amazing school community!

Jen Davis / Huntington Beach

Heritage Montessori is wonderful. Our 2 1/2 year old has blossomed so much over the last 7 months. His vocabulary and cognitive abilities have developed so fast. We appreciate all of the creative activities they do for the kids.

Amanda Dustman / Huntington Beach

Our son just started here a little over a month ago, and he loves it. Every day he comes home and tells me all the things he learned and all the friends he’s made. The teachers are wonderful and work very hard every day to ensure the children are learning and having fun while doing so. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!

Vanessa Foster / Huntington Beach

We are so in love with Heritage Montessori, if you are looking for a beautifully run school for your little ones, look no further! Miss Samantha is absolutely incredible and shows so much care and love with everything she does for the school, it is the warmest and most inviting environment! We feel so lucky to be a part of the Heritage community!

Marni Schauble / Newport Beach

We are SO THRILLED to have started out boys at this school. All I can say is WOW on how much they have their act together, the learning environment and play time too!! After the first day my boys were all smiles and couldn’t wait to tell me about their new friends and things they had learned. This school is so beautiful and has 2 playgrounds to explore. They also have a GREAT summer program planned with tons of activities that include water play, cooking, art, science, and their typical learning! We made a great choice coming here and you will love it too. Come check it out

Alicia Kozma / Newport Beach

My husband and I are so happy that our daughter is now part of the Heritage family. The staff is so caring and warm and the curriculum is outstanding. Not only do the children learn creativity and engage in all the valuable activities that a preschool has to offer, but they also learn things like compassion and kindness. These are the values we want to see in the leaders of tomorrow.

Lesley Capolino / Newport Beach

Thank you to the entire Heritage Montessori staff, specifically, Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shelley, for providing such a fun and positive learning environment. Our daughter has been attending school at Heritage for the past 2 years and she’s grown and learned so much during this time. When dropping her off in the morning, it’s always comforting knowing she’s in good hands and is in a well-structured classroom setting for the day. Thanks to all the Teachers/Directors for everything you do!

Dan Leanna / Lake Forest

My daughter has really taken off at preschool in Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shelly’s room. My daughter is so happy to go to class everyday and comes home and tells us all the cool things she learned. She told me about cumulus clouds versus cumulonimbus clouds and I nearly fell out of my chair. My daughter often pretends to be a teacher at home, and it’s obvious from how she acts that Ms. Michelle and Ms. Shelly are kind, engaging and gentle. I’ve been very happy with Heritage and it’s fine teachers.

Paige Kim / Lake Forest

Absolutely love everything about this school, from he staff, to the teachers and the effort they put into making your child feel welcome and have such an enjoyable experience is outstanding. Ms Mano is absolutely incredible and such a role model to my child and Ms Samantha is a sweetheart and ensures my daughter feels 100% welcome and safe while having fun. Amanda is Top notch and 100% efficient and willing to drop everything to help you at anytime. Ms Audrey is a star. Ms Andre is such a sweetheart and 2 thumbs up and if I forget anyone – I am sorry but the school is a 10 out of 10.

Jenny Chaidez / Lake Forest

Tradition Never dies

I started HMS at age 3 and left HMS in 4th grade. One of the first memories I remember thinking about HMS was “WOW my school is the most beautiful place in the whole wide world.” I still think that to this day. I mean, what other learning environment brings in live animals when you’re learning Zoology, has snow days with real snow in the parking lot, and whose teachers care so much about their students that they spend their off-time trying to illuminate the light bulb in each one of us. Those are just a few of the impactful experiences I took away from my HMS days and most importantly what I experienced with you, Ms. Mano and Ms. Rehanna. I left the school with so many different interests from singing and writing to anatomy and physiology that have stuck with me beyond my years at Heritage. The ability to study a plethora of crucial subjects and obscure subjects allowed me to dabble in everything and truly discover my passion in a safe and caring environment. I can 100% say that the body play we had in the 2nd grade fueled my love for anatomy and medicine. I remember the exhilaration I felt when I was able to dissect a cow heart (much to my mom’s disdain) and coming home to sit in my spare time and read books on human anatomy. I wouldn’t have had access to such a hands-on experience anywhere else. I look forward to a gap year in Italy where I will begin my studies in medicine and will return in 2021 to transfer to UCLA to complete my pre-med pathway with a specialty in OB/GYN. Thank you Heritage Montessori for the life-altering experience. I will never forget it.

– With gratitude,Bellise Sacchetto

To say that Heritage Montessori had a positive influence on my son, Parker, would be a huge understatement. We are so incredibly thankful for the amazing 6 ½ years of education we received there. And with that amazing education of Math, Science, English, History, Reading, etc also came the teachings of being a good human, caring friend, positive role model, public speaker and dreamer. My son spoke proudly at his 8th grade graduation ceremony and thanked Miss Millie, Miss Mano and Miss Rheanna for all they did for him to get him started in his education journey. And now at 18, he graduated from high school, Magna Cum Laude with a 4.13 GPA and earning a Golden State Seal Merit Diploma. On the day he officially graduated, he knew one place he wanted to go. We found ourselves at the doorstep of Heritage where he was able to hug and thank Miss Rheanna and Miss Millie for all they had done for him. It really says something about a school and teachers when a student wants to return to see them. He was able to share with them all he has accomplished and where his education journey was going to take him next. He will be attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, AZ. He will be pursuing his degree in Aerospace Engineering while he continues to play baseball as a student athlete. Miss Rheanna was always a key person in his life that taught him to reach for his dreams and never give up. He was taught at a young age at Heritage to be a diligent learner, listener and have good work ethic. Those are all skills that helped him to be a scholar athlete all 4 years of high school and will guide him during the next 4 years of college. We have nothing but amazing and cherished memories of our time at Heritage. The school and the teachers will always hold a special place in our hearts.

– Mrs. Cadaccio